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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  July 2, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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weekend because we're ever so close. >> the holiday weekend is only a few days away. the humidity is on the rise. the fire is the story today. some good news there weather- wise, higher humidity and less wind. more coming up. >> and no big accidents out the door right now. here's a live look at the commute. traffic was slightly down yesterday. the macarthur maze roadwork is out there. we'll have more coming up thank you. right now, hundreds of people are forced out of their homes by this raging wildfire in napa county. it's burned almost 3,000 acres and is only 30% contained. the fire is burning in rugged hills between calistoga and lake berryessa. it has already jumped butts canyon road and threatening the berryessa estates. kpix 5's christin ayers reports, firefighters worked through the night to protect an area that contains hundreds of homes.
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reporter: from a distance mandy thought she was look at a bonfire. >> 911 asked if it was the size of a football field and at that point it was. and at that point, it just started getting bigger, really fast. >> reporter: alarmingly fast. within just a few hours, the flames would consume 2500 acres in rural pope valley fueled by grass, trees and rocky terrain left desiccated by a punishing drought. this firefighters told us is not your typical july wildfire. >> we are seeing fires that we would see later in the year. hot conditions, low humidity, strong winds and fires will burn faster than this one. >> reporter: an aggressive unpredictable intensity that firefighters have been struggling for hours to try to control. here's one of the unique problems firefighters are dealing with, spot fires like this hopping all along the hillside. they are sporadic and when they come together they create larger fires causing this
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particular fire to spread fast. and firefighters say this is just the beginning. wildfires this summer will only burn more aggressively as the summer wears on. >> it's only going to get hotter and drier so the likelihood of fires like this burning throughout california is very high this year. >> reporter: mandy evacuated half of the horses at the stables she works for at a nearby ranch as a precaution. >> we are watching the fire. >> reporter: watching and waiting and hoping her worst fears won't materialize. christin ayers, kpix 5. >> cal fire is looking into reports that the fire was started by someone using a metal tool to cut weeds. >> ryan takeo was there as flames forced people living in the butts canyon area and in the berryessa estate area out of their homes. >> robert, come help me. reporter: gale is in charge of berryessa estates fire plan. that meant calling 600 neighbors to report the fire. >> an hour or two later i said it's a mandatory evacuation.
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we have to get out now. that's frightening. >> reporter: berryessa estates is one of the most at risk communities in napa county when it comes to facing fire. one road in, 15 minutes from the nearest fire station. and fire fuel all around. >> we live in this area that it can happen anytime and it did today. >> reporter: once the plan swung into action, help came fast. the red cross set up a shelter at middletown high school. cots for adults, kennels for pets. her dog made it out but her five cats are still at her now evacuated home. >> you see it on tv and you see other people go through it. it's different when you go through it yourself because it's your animals, the ones that you love. a little bit different. >> reporter: in middletown, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> and firefighters from all around the bay area have been called in to battle the fire. the vallejo fire department
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posted these pictures on twitter. you can get realtime updates on the fire and any other bay area wildfire at >> we are seeing a very strong push of the marine air and that means the higher humidity will give firefighters a good chance to get a handle only this fire. out the door we go. low clouds and fog surged well onshore and some good news for fighting that fire this morning. we are seeing that southwesterly wind but not a real strong gusty wind. five to 15 miles per hour. humidity running about 30 to 40%. so not the driest conditions ever. that should give the firefighters a chance to get a hold of this fire this morning and into the afternoon. i think similar conditions as we head in toward tomorrow maybe even higher humidity. so that's good news for them. the winds, well, that strong sea breeze has been blowing in spots an onshore west wind at 10 miles per hour into sfo. the clouds have moved onshore
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this morning. the temperatures running generally in the 50s. by the afternoon, also some cooler air moving in, about 82 degrees in napa. so that's a far cry from the triple digits just a couple of days ago. all right. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thank you, lawrence. we'll head out to the macarthur maze. things look good except for that major ramp closure that this is -- i don't even know how many weeks they have been continuing to close that road overnight. it's been many, many weeks now. westbound 580 to eastbound 80 closed until 5 a.m. if you commute this hour every day you know it. in the meantime loop around the bay bridge toll plaza parking lot. everything looks good on the span. westbound roadwork cleared up early so all lanes are open. everything looks good across the san mateo bridge. the right side of your screen, traffic very light right now out of hayward. and if you are traveling southbound 101 embarcadero, right around that exit coming into palo alto, you will find some overnight roadwork. it may actually just have
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cleared. it was scheduled until 5:00 but obviously our sensors not showing a delay on 101 or 280 and bart is also looking good. checking with them all trains more than 25 all on time. that's it your latest "kcbs traffic." back to you. >> thank you. 4:36 now. one suspect remains at large after a shocking home invasion in east san jose. investigators say two armed robbers broke into the home of a couple in their 80s about 4:00 yesterday morning. police say at one point the robbers sexually assaulted the 85-year-old woman. >> disgusting. i think it's tragic. horrible. i don't know. it's just, uhm, when i heard about it this morning, felt sick to my stomach. >> investigators say the attackers stole the couple's suv which speeding and weaving when it caught the attention of the chp. the suv then crashed into a house on singleton road. the driver got away but a 15- year-old suspect was arrested. a civil jury has denied
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monetary damages to the father of oscar grant. grant was fatally shot while detained by bart police five years ago. the trial in san francisco involved oscar grant, jr.,'s lawsuit against johannes mehserle. the former bart officer served time for involuntary manslaughter. the older grant has been in prison for murder since before his son was born. but some relatives say the two had a close relationship. >> heartbroken. uhm, you know, i'm saddened that the jury didn't get it that oscar junior did have a relationship with his father. >> i think this is going to be the final chapter in this story of the johannes mehserle and oscar grant in january 1, 2009. i think you have seen it come to a close today. and frankly, we're happy about that. it's time for people to move on. >> the civil jury determined the shooting at oakland's fruitvale bart station was an accident. mehserle meant to use his taster rather than his gun.
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nearly $3 million in settlements have been paid out to friends and relatives of the younger grant. people are injured after propane exploded on a food truck in philadelphia. surveillance video from a camera at a nearby business shows a huge fireball coming from that truck yesterday evening. the critically injured victims are a woman and her daughter who were working on truck. others were less seriously hurt. >> i was walking by and the truck just blew up. and i just saw the fire and the fire just hit me and i started running. >> the injured include people in two cars that were briefly engulfed by flames as they drove by the food truck at the time of the explosion. angry protestors forced buses carrying immigrant people to turn around in southern california. as stacy bolter reports, a city is in the middle of the debate. >> come here legally then! come over here the right way! >> reporter: 70 miles from the
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u.s./mexico border protestors are drawing a hard-line in the battle over immigration. >> we're here for the children! >> whoo! >> it's the land of the free, opportunity, what about them? >> reporter: as the sun set over murietta, crowds continued to grow. [ screaming ] >> we won't give in! >> usa, usa, usa! this hours after buses carrying 140 illegal immigrants, women and children, from texas approached the murietta border patrol facility. protestors blocked the road! >> stay back. stay back. >> this is all tax paying dollars! >> reporter: the illegal immigrants arrived in san diego earlier today. federal agents say the group came from texas where they illegally crossed the border. facilities there are overwhelmed. today in murietta they were supposed to be given health and criminal background checks but protestors succeeded in turning them away. the buses were taken right back to a processing center in san
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ysidro. murrieta city council meeting some residents cried. >> i feel like -- [ crying ] >> -- we're destroyed because of the administration. >> reporter: others begged for help. >> we need the national guard on that border. >> reporter: in murrieta, stacy butler, kpix 5. >> white house estimates 50,000 unaccompanied minors have crossed the boardser in the u.s. in just recent months. it's all over for team usa. >> the end of the road for the u.s. >> that's how i felt watching on the couch yesterday. >> devastating. >> belgium eliminated the u.s. with a 2-1 win in extra time. the match was scoreless after 90 minutes of regulations that's to u.s. goalkeeper tim howard. but in the end, belgium won. san jose earthquakes star chris
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wondolowski had a wide-open chance to break the scoreless tie near the end of regulation but the native of danville missed the net. it hurts to see that, doesn't it? >> oh, yeah. >> wondo entered the match in the 72nd minute. >> i was in my car listening on the radio going back home and i could hear it but i couldn't -- that's the first time i have seen that. oh, man. >> always next time. >> well, you have to wait four years. tim howard the goalie was unbelievable. >> great. 4:41 no. you will pay more for gas on this holiday weekend. the high gas prices all around the bay area, coming up. >> what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at and we may come and feature your school on the show. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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are trying to hold the c nni rebels taking the united states is still assessing the crisis in iraq. leaders are now trying to hold iraq together as sunni rebels are taking over parts of the
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north and west and it declared an islamic state there. susan mcginnis now with the latest on the message from the isis leader who is rarely seen or heard from. >> reporter: the leader of the extremist group islamic of iraq and syria is urging muslims everywhere to help his fighters build appear islamic state. in a recording abu bakr al- baghdadi instructed muslims to take up arms and fight. your brothers all over the world are waiting for your rescue. iraq's government is focused on regaining territory lost to isis after weeks of fighting. president obama has authorized additional troops to the region equipped with attack helicopters and drones to protect the airports and the u.s. embassy in iraq's capital. that brings the total number of troops deployed to baghdad to 750. joint chiefs chair general martin dempsey says they will help to determine whether the country's security forces can hold it together. >> when we have that assessment
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in hand, we'll make some decisions about whether there's other kinds of support that we could provide. >> reporter: but iraqi leaders say their country needs more u.s. help including air strikes. >> the situation in iraq is dire. city stability of the region is in -- the stability. region is in question -- the stability of the region is in question. >> reporter: the u.s. is asking nouri al-maliki to form an inclusive government. but sunni and kurdish lawmakers walked out when they met yesterday. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> the iraqi parliament will meet again july 8. today a libyan militant has a detention hearing in federal court in washington in connection with the attack on a u.s. compound in benghazi. the u.s. attorney's office says ahmed abu khatallah was motivated to take part in the attack by his ideology.
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the 2012 attack killed christine and three other americans. the first named tropical storm of the season is gaining strength offer the coast of florida right now. crew members of a cargo ship were rescued because of it. as marlie hall reports, people on board needed medical attention after coming down with food poisoning. >> reporter: one by one crew members of a south korean cargo ship were lifted into a coast guard helicopter. in all, 19 people were pulled off about three miles off cape canaveral, florida after coming down with what's believed to be food poisoning. the number of victims made for a complicated rescue. >> even with reconfiguring the aircraft we don't have that enough room to carry people so we launched two aircraft with mostly empty cabins. >> reporter: the decision to rescue the sickened crew members from the anchored ship was made after another threat
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was growing in these waters. tropical storm arthur, the first named storm of the atlantic hurricane season, was making seas rougher by the hour. all of those evacuated from the ship were given medical assistance. two other crew members remained on board. marlie hall, cbs news. >> joining the two remaining crew members will be a replacement crew until those who were sickened can get back to the ship. so you rent a place, oh, say, cape hatteras, north carolina for the big holiday weekend and guess what's coming. >> here we go. yeah. this storm system likely to intensify probably going to become a hurricane. in fact, arthur just putting itself together right now. the first named storm system in the atlantic this season. and it is now sitting off the coast of florida. you can see it right there spinning around bringing some heavier showers but the core of this mainly hanging off the coastline. now, i think this is going to intensify. already sustained winds at 60 miles per hour but it is running across some very warm waters of the gulf stream.
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now, the latest track takes it along the coastline bringing it to hurricane strength right into the 4th of july. wouldn't you know it? along the carolinas, sustained winds of 85 miles per hour. i think it could be stronger than that. i think it may be underplayed by the forecast models. it looks like then it will sweep away from the coastline and back out into the atlantic but yeah, if you have 4th of july plans there it's going to be a rough go. we are starting out with low clouds and fog that have surged well onshore this morning. all around the bay area starting out with mostly cloudy skies today and some drizzle early on. looks like by the afternoon, becoming mostly sunny but the coastal clouds would linger, keeping temperatures cooler there. then i think even cooler for tomorrow. high pressure kind of getting out of the way. we have this frontal system that's approaching the bay area. that is going to help to deepen the marine layer for at least one more day. then on the 4th of july, that ridge of high pressure begins to build in behind that system. and our temperatures start to warm up. clouds begin to break away to the coastline as we head toward the afternoon. that will bring with it mostly sunny skies and, well, just a breeze as we head around the bay area. the temperatures are going to be running in the 70s and 80s
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in the south bay. 60s along the coastline. east bay temperatures mainly into the 80s. then inside the bay you're looking at temperatures in the 60s and the 70s. next couple of days, we are going to see some cooler temperatures, warming up on the 4th of july. getting a little hot in spots inland by the weekend. all right. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thank you, lawrence. once again, we got that wildfire now 60% contained in napa valley between calistoga and lake berryessa. so there are various streets blocked in the largely rural area. butts canyon is closed now between snell valley road and aetna spring road. obviously, firefighters officials are just warning folks to avoid the area altogether. if you are crossing bridges, where's the cars? you know, traffic we noticed is overall slightly down yesterday so i think a lot of folks are on vacation already getting a head start on the 4th of july long holiday weekend. in the meantime traffic is very light all across the golden gate bridge. there are delays in either direction all across 101.
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pretty quiet commute from sausalito to doyle drive and if you are traveling northbound or southbound 880, there shouldn't be any major roadwork now to slow you down. you can see the drive time is still clear only 16 minutes in the northbound lanes so this was definitely our problem spot yesterday with that fatal accident investigation. nothing to slow you down from hayward straight into the macarthur maze. if you are traveling the bay bridge obviously some slight delays in the cash lanes and this connector ramp in the maze still closed for another 10 minutes westbound 580 to eastbound 80. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." frank, michelle, back to you guys. consider yourself warned. the major san francisco freeway will be closed for several days. starting tonight at 9:00, all northbound lanes of interstate 280 will be closed from u.s. 101 to king street. they won't re-open until monday morning. the closure will allow caltrans crews to replace a hinge that protects the roadway during earthquakes. but the shutdown is surety a
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major hassle for people in san mateo -- sure to be a major hassle for people in san mateo. in 2008 the last time gas prices were this high this time of year. take a look at the current average prices for regular unleaded. that's according to it's a lot. $4.11 san jose, $4.12 oakland. $4.24 in san francisco. up about a quarter in the last couple of weeks. time now 4:51. coming up, the cofounder of a popular hook-up app accused of sexual harassment. >> and we want to invite all you pet lovers out there send us your questions about their health and well-being. just email or on our facebook page and we'll have our pet expert give you an answer every friday right here at noon. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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handful of arrests at this year francisco. there were hundreds of thousands of people but only a handful of arrests at this year's pride weekend in san francisco. sunny skies and warm temperatures brought out huge crowds. the police say they made 70 arrests for public intoxication. 15 people were arrested on felonies. 11 misdemeanors. and 3 guns were confiscated. it is 4:54 now. a popular dating app is at the center of a sexual harassment lawsuit. a former exec at tinder is now suing and as cate caugiran reports, this may be a case of a relationship gone bad. reporter: tinder has met its match. but not what you're thinking. the dating app's chief marketing officer justin mateen suspended after ex-vp whitney wolfe says he sexually harassed her calling her a whore and slutty and the big whopper
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taking away her cofounder title supposedly said having a young woman in charge de val uses the company. >> it was a sexist attitude toward women in technology companies that somehow it deval use company or people will take the company less seriously if a young woman is a cofounder. >> reporter: to add to the twist, whitney is an ex in more ways than one. they dated and she said the harassment started after they broke up. >> for them to strip her title because she was a young inexperienced woman is kind of ridiculous when, you know, she is probably one of the core reasons why continueder is what it is. >> reporter: luke morris is one of the apps 10 million users. you download the app to your smartphone and once you open it you will find potential matches based off your location. so if you like someone, you swipe like. if you don't, you swipe less. tinder is the latest in tech troubles for the city's
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supposed culture favoring men over women. amy lynn knows. she is a startup cofounder and ceo. >> ultimately you really need women in high up roles in order to be able to create great products that serve everyone and not just have it serve one side of the population. >> reporter: so tonight, based on all of this, will tinder's users give the app the swipe? in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> tinder's parent company calls the claims, quote, unfounded. it's 4:56 right now. one suspect is at large after two armed men attack an elderly couple during a home invasion. the gruesome details behind the crime and why police are quickly trying to get him off the street. >> and this morning we're following a developing story out of napa county where crews are back on the scene of that raging wildfire. so far, 2700 acres have been burned. we'll have more details coming up in a live report at 5:00.
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hour or two later i called her up said there is a
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mandatory evacuation we have to get out now. >> a huge wildfire scores thousands of acres and forces people out of their homes up in napa county. fire in rural pope valley is being fueled by the extreme drought conditions. >> demonstrators in a southern california bordertown blocked buses carrying 140 immigrants part of a surge of people crossing the border this year illegally. >> surely the end of the road for the u.s. >> team usa is headed home after a thrilling extra time loss to belgium. danville's chris wondolowski had a chance to give the americans a win at the end of regulation but missed. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. good morning, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone.
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i'm frank mallicoat. it is nearly 5:00. and we'll get you out the door with traffic and weather. we had a little drizzle this morning. >> yeah. a little drizzle out there and that's some good news. of course, they are fighting that fire in the north bay right now. napa county. let's take new for a closer look now. and weather conditions there today, we are starting out with fog this morning then sunshine this afternoon. southwesterly winds right now at 8 miles per hour. expected 5 to 15 throughout the day maybe gusting to about 20. so not some really strong gusty winds and the humidity is up a bit. 30 to 40%. expected to increase again later tonight about 70 to 80% so that's good news for firefighters trying to get a hold of that fire. the sea breeze this morning has carried with it low clouds and fog. gusting to 25 now into fairfield so a pretty strong onshore push with the low clouds. we have some drizzle outside this morning. temperatures generally in the 50s this afternoon. becoming mostly sunny away from the coastline. 60s out at the beaches and patchy fog. 70s inside the bay and a


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